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Authored by
Dr. Robert V. Gerard,  Ms. Zeljka Roksandic, and Invited Guests
who are friends of Oughten House

Articles are quick sources of information. They are quite revealing and hopefully, inspirational. Since Oughten House has expanded its horizons, so has the scope of information presented by the articles collected. Please feel open to read, download, and share these articles and honor the "Copyright" laws as well. As a reminder, Oughten House is open to receive articles from its friends. Please submit them in accordance with the "Guidelines for Article Submission." .

Oughten's Oracles are intuitively channeled from Source. They cover a wide spectrum of information within the faculties of Dr. Robert V. Gerard as guided by Spirit. The prime intent of the Oracles is to availe pure, succinct and provocative information. The very name of "Oughten" carries an ancient association with the first Egyptian God of Light, Ahtan. Messages will be heart-driven, mindful, and reflect the Divine Nature of Mankind.

This adjacent Menue Bar to the left contains articles written by Dr. Gerard, Zeljka Roksandic, and Author Guests. Please select from the categories to view the articles.

Additional articles by us can be found on our www.oughten-house.com webpage:

articles on www.oughten-house.com

All of the articles are copyrighted. You have permission to share them through any medium provided the following is included:
"This article is copyrighted. Copyright@2000-2010 Dr. Robert V. Gerard, Phone 607-724-2438; web www.oughtenhouse.com; E-mail contact@oughtenhouse.com."
Latest article:
Title:  The Day of December 21st, 2012
Category:  Philosophical
Date:  08 Dec 2012
December 21st is definitely a controversial day. Everyone has their thoughts, predictions and agenda: from "Dooms Day" to "Ascension." Our perspective journey's "Inward" to who you are and the quality of awareness you hold. We suggest that you remain openminded, yet prepared to face that day united in Oneness with God, not fear.
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